Frieda Bellmann
Product Design, Service Design, Design Thinking, Design Research, Concept Development, Partner

Professional insight

Our multitalented Frieda Bellmann was born and raised in Berlin where she studied industrial design at the University of the Arts. She is highly skilled in service design, strategy and product design. In cities such as New York and Milan she worked for labels, studios and consultancies like BCG Digital Ventures, IXDS, Porsche Design, Telekom Creation Center, Formnation New York, The Disruption Consultancy and the design studio Ginette Caron Milan.

Frieda’s digital world

Frieda likes to travel the world as you can see on her Instagram account. She is always in for a coffee date to share thoughts and ideas. To connect with Frieda you can simply write her an email or connect with her via LinkedIn .

Side Projects

She surely masters the craft of bringing ideas to life: Designing German Design Award winning things like the Berliner Pyramide a romantic watch or fair trade leather bags—impressive.


The Octet

Service is a mindset.
Frieda Bellmann
Strategic Designer
This needs to be more Verkehrs ­ wende!
Dr. Ingo Kucz
Business Strategist
Imagine it without the reverse gear.
Ivo Herrmann
Experience Prototyper
Bicycles are the new black.
Johanna Auferkamp
Service Designer
No one left behind!
Karolin Maiwald
Office Manager
Which song would this project be?
Paul-Ch. Thiele
Behavioral Designer
Converted geiler!
Timm Kekeritz
Interaction Designer
Team Spirit

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