Dr. Ingo Kucz
Future Science, Mobility Consultant, Managing Partner

Professional Insights

Ingo is a widely recognized mobility expert. People like his honest way of naming today’s challenges towards a new era of mobility. This makes him a frequent keynote speaker and strategic advisor in various committees.

He worked at Volkswagen Research analyzing the impact of electric mobility on VW’s product portfolio, infrastructure, processes, and culture. Afterwards he managed visionary projects in the Deutsche Bahn Corporate Strategy department. Switching to the agency side, he became director of seamless mobility at IXDS, to then found White Octopus in 2017.

We also call him Dr. Verkehrswende.


As a natural sportsman he loves to challenge his kids with physical activities.


The Octet

Service is a mindset.
Frieda Bellmann
Strategic Designer
This needs to be more Verkehrs ­ wende!
Dr. Ingo Kucz
Business Strategist
Imagine it without the reverse gear.
Ivo Herrmann
Experience Prototyper
Bicycles are the new black.
Johanna Auferkamp
Service Designer
No one left behind!
Karolin Maiwald
Office Manager
Which song would this project be?
Paul-Ch. Thiele
Behavioral Designer
Converted geiler!
Timm Kekeritz
Interaction Designer
Team Spirit

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