Johanna Auferkamp
Service Designer, Mobility Consultant, Innovation Specialista, Partner

Professional insight

Johanna Auferkamp studied industrial design at the University of Duisburg-Essen were she was constantly developing into the field of service design and co-creation. Her expertise brought her from Berlin, to Cologne over Basel to Munich and finally back to Berlin. Johanna develops holistic user experiences through qualitative user research for useful and enjoyable digital and physical touchpoints. Her excellent strategic thinking keeps track of the feasibility without ignoring the human touch.

Johanna’s traits

Generously sharing her knowledge with others while being an emphatic listener might be the reason she was instantly attracted to service design. Her passion is to dive into the everyday life of users to reveal their needs and secret desires. Together with Frieda Bellmann she supported the Lufthansa Impact Week in Delhi as a Senior Coach to equip new generations of designers with Design Thinking methods. The aim was to help them solve social problems in their own country by creating start-up ideas and a plan on how to implement it. To connect with Johanna simply write her an email or connect with her on LinkedIn .

Down Hill

When she isn’t deeply focussed elaborating service blueprints she takes her mountain bike down a downhill track to actively relax. On her way to work she rides her vintage racing bike on the Berlin asphalt to roll past the bike curiers. With a helmet of course.


The Octet

Service is a mindset.
Frieda Bellmann
Strategic Designer
This needs to be more Verkehrs ­ wende!
Dr. Ingo Kucz
Business Strategist
Imagine it without the reverse gear.
Ivo Herrmann
Experience Prototyper
Bicycles are the new black.
Johanna Auferkamp
Service Designer
No one left behind!
Karolin Maiwald
Office Manager
Which song would this project be?
Paul-Ch. Thiele
Behavioral Designer
Converted geiler!
Timm Kekeritz
Interaction Designer
Team Spirit

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