Lieke Ypma
Engineer, Designer, UX Strategist, Partner

Professional insight

Lieke is our mobility geek. Starting her career at Audi, riding her bike into the design department, her heart combines the love for cars as masterpieces of engineering with the passion for more efficient and sustainable solutions, like bicycles and other micro mobility solutions.

She worked in the USA, Europe and Asia. When building the Vodafone devices brand, she earned insight into meccas of high tech production in Korea and Shenzhen, while also learning from users on the high streets of London and Milano. Fun fact: she almost left the Netherlands without ever working there! Lieke followed her heart and returned to mobility in 2015 after giving birth to her second child, always looking to learn more on the crossroads of tech, business and humans.

Grow together

Our Lieke is fascinated by growth - in people, in business, in ideas. She also loves to pamper people: big luck for us, for our clients and her students! Lieke gained her MSc. in Product Design and Innovation at the Delft University of Technology. Her current academic work supplies her students with advanced methods for design and innovation, in the tradition of the jobs-to-be-done-theory.

Introducing …

Frieda and Lieke initiated a workstream around female mobility. The project describes the female perspective as a starting point to solve the industry’s wicked problems. Lieke likes to be a speaker. Go see her at upcoming events Women-in-Mobility-Summit. and at the design and mobility conference project-mo.


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