Timm Kekeritz
Interaction Designer, Conductor, Strategist

Professional insight

Timm’s passion for high-quality interfaces and visualizations gained recognition and awards around the globe. Apps like Das Referenz, Partly Cloudy, EcoChallenge or V for Wiki were downloaded over a million times. His visualizations like the Virtual Water Poster or the Weather Radials are featured in dozens of books and magazins.

Timm’s career started in San Francisco where he worked with the international design firm IDEO. Later he co-founded the design studio Raureif in Berlin. In 2015 he joined IXDS as Design Director to lead their big team of designers through inspiration, advice and rules. In 2017 he co-founded the design consultancy White Octopus, where he uses his knowledge to shape the mobilty of tomorrow.

A lot to share

For over a decade Timm has been teaching interaction design at CIID in København and at Fachhochschule Potsdam, were he graduated himself as the first interface designer.

Side Projects

Timm co-founded and runs a family with four kids. Respectively he has no further side projects.


The Octet

Service is a mindset.
Frieda Bellmann
Strategic Designer
This needs to be more Verkehrs ­ wende!
Dr. Ingo Kucz
Business Strategist
Imagine it without the reverse gear.
Ivo Herrmann
Experience Prototyper
Bicycles are the new black.
Johanna Auferkamp
Service Designer
No one left behind!
Karolin Maiwald
Office Manager
Which song would this project be?
Paul-Ch. Thiele
Behavioral Designer
Converted geiler!
Timm Kekeritz
Interaction Designer
Team Spirit

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