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Question and Answers

Do we need another bike sharing in Berlin?


Is Kick Scooter Sharing the next big thing?

No. It might be a valuable addition to the mobility mix of an urban environment, but it is definitely overrated right now. Any infrastructure that invites drunk people to throw it around is fundamentally flawed. Further none of the current operators is close to a valid business model – most scooters are broken before they reach their break even.

Timm Kekeritz
What do you think about electric cars?

The sound of an electric car accelerating reminds of TRON – a reference to yesterday’s vision of the future.

But simply swapping the drive train of our cars, will not solve the problem of our cities. We need to change the mindset of people – you do not need your own car, there are other meaningful modes of transportation, and maybe you do not need to move at all. Live close to your work and walk your commute. Work from home more often. Buy local. Plan your holidays domestically ... and wear sunscreen.

Paul-Ch. Thiele
What is the best mobility device?

Of course, this depends on the use case. For urban family transportation, I love our electric three-wheel cargo bike. It easily fits four small kids and makes any trip fun. Getting from A to B in a big city, the JUMP e-bikes are also fun and fast.

When you commute daily by bike, the VanMoof Electrified S2 is designed with attention to detail and surprisingly fast. When it comes to urban public transportation, Stockholm’s Tunnel Rail has the nicest stations, Seoul’s Metro is slick and has heated seats, while Singapore’s MRT has truly reliable 3G coverage. So basically the opposite of Berlin’s U8 line.

In the category of long distance trains, the German ICE 1. Klasse is comfy without being pretentious, but the SBB Glacier Express will provide you with the most memorable train rides in the world.

When it comes to cars, it is not easy. The Smart of Car2Go is still a Wunderkind in finding a parking spot and the Mini Cooper of DriveNow turns even thick traffic into a fun cart ride. When it comes to comfort (below 100k€), there is nothing smoother than the back seat of a Mercedes S-Class.

For the rare stint on a race track, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is definitely the best ride at only 250k€.

Timm Kekeritz
Why are you still talking about User Centered Design?

Because focussing on the experience for the user is simple common sense and not a trend.

Is a car still a desirable status symbol?

Yes! But you don’t have to own it. Car sharing and affordable limo services make riding a premium car possible for almost anyone. For most urban millennials, flexibility and freedom are surely more desirable than the hassles of ownership.

What we encountered in our interviews and observations is that traditional status symbols are changing. Especially in the urban and metropolitan areas other transportation modes are on the rise. We met a top manager who is more proud of his BahnCard 100 than his 7-series Dienstwagen. We also saw a politician commuting on his elegant business bike and parking it in front of the minister’s office. We even spoke to an entrepreneur who joggs to work every morning in his vintage limited edition Adidas running shoes. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Frieda Bellmann
Do you turn away projects?

Yes. Because we do not want to grow, we have the privilege of waiting for the right fit. Our projects tend to evolve around mobility and the end user experience.

Do we need a new Bundesverkehrsminister?


Are you hiring right now?

No. Although there is one open slot in our Octet, we are not actively looking to fill it soon.

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